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Erasmus guest lectures on Ukraine, 3.-11. April 2017

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Ajankohta:3.4.2017 klo 14:00 – 11.4.2017
Paikka:Kaivokatu 12, Turku, Suomi

Erasmus guest lectures on Ukraine, 3.-11. April 2017, University of Turku, Department of Folkloristics

Ukraine and Kiev will host the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2017 for the second time in just over a decade, and it is time to ask what else we know about Ukrainian culture.  In early April, Folkloristics offers you a chance to get to know more about Ukraine when Lecturers Rostislav Konta and Viktor Pilipenko, Kyjiv National University, dep. of Ethnology, visit School of History, Culture and Arts Studies and give seven lectures on Ukrainian culture, ethnicity and nationality. Everyone is welcome to attend these lectures!


Rostislav Konta 3.-6. April

Monday 3. April at 14-16, Minerva E225: The concepts of Ukrainian ethnogenesis and the problem of integration of Ukrainian society.

Tuesday 4. April at 16-18, Minerva E 223:  The historical heritage and the modern state of ethnic relations in Ukraine.

Wednesday 5. April at 14-16, Minerva E221:  The regional features of ethno-national relations in Ukraine and the language issues.

Thursday 6. April at 14-16, Minerva E221: The modern ethno-confessional relations in Ukraine as a factor of ethno-national identity.

Viktor Pilipenko 7.-12. April

Friday 7. April at 10-12, Minerva E 221:  History of Ukrainian cinema from the first steps to avant-garde and expressionism.

Monday 10. April at 14-16, Minerva E225:  The phenomenon of Ukrainian poetic cinema.

Tuesday 11. April at 16-18, Minerva E223: The Ukrainian Folk Art.

Students who attend the lectures may use their lecture passes and collect signatures from the lecturers. It is also possible to earn two credits by attending the lectures and writing an essay based on the lectures and the accompanying book Contemporary Ukraine on the cultural map of Europe (2009). If you decide to do so, contact your own department staff and ask about credit substitutions.

The book is available at

Choose a chapter from the book that is most useful for you and your studies, focus on it and give the rest of the book a cursory reading. Submit the essay to Professor Pekka Hakamies (pekka.hakamies(at)utu.fi)

For further information, contact Pekka Hakamies, Professor of Folkloristics, (pekka.hakamies(at)utu.fi)



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